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Essay is a piece of writing that is written from the personal point of view. It is a major component of formal education. It is an analytical literary component that is based on a specific matter. In essay, particular matter of point is discussed. It is a literary device that is used to discuss on a certain topic. General format of an essay consists of various elements like outline of the ideas, thesis statement, body (main points and sub points), introduction, conclusion and reference. In the first part of essay that is the outline, information regarding the essay idea is discussed in two to three lines. In thesis statement, there are two points, out of which one is related to the topic and second is related to the point of the essay. In the body of the essay, main points and sub-points are discussed. In body, main ideas about the essay topic are highlighted in order to give a glance at the main issue. Supporting points for the main idea are also discussed in this section of an essay.  Next to the body of the paper, is the introduction, which also consists four parts such as startling information, anecdote, dialogue and summary information. In startling information, data presented in the essay is based on true & verified facts. In anecdote, information regarding the topic is presented in a short form. In dialogue, information is presented in an appropriate manner. In summary information, the topic is discussed in general term. In conclusion part of the essay, summary of the points is discussed. Final perspective on the topic is presented in this section of essay. In the conclusion part, interpretation of all the data provided in the other sections of the essay is discussed. After the completion of the conclusion part, final touches are added to the whole essay in order to make it more effective, attractive, appropriate and comprehensive. Instructions, requirements and formats of the essay are examined lastly in order to identify any lacking in the essay completion and make corrections.

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